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The Institute is dedicated to helping patients regain a normal life of activity without pain or discomfort. Most patients come to the Institute after trying muscle relaxers, physical therapy, pain management and surgery. Those procedures focus mostly on symptoms instead of identifying and correcting the underlying cause for the pain. Pain is a warning that something is wrong.

What’s different at the Spine Rehabilitation Institute?

At the Institute we realize that successful treatment starts with the correct diagnosis.  We use a unique approach by starting with a complete structural and functional analysis* of your spine and pelvis.  Why do we start with your spine? Your spine is a marvelous biomechanical machine. Its inherent design is one of balance and function. The spine also contains and protects the spinal cord from which all the nerves of the body communicate with your brain. The spinal nerves are responsible for carrying pain impulses, control of muscles and regulation of organ function.

Spinal distortion and mechanical dysfunction has been identified in 100% of the patients seeking care at the Institute.  Old injuries are the primary cause of spinal distortion. When the spinal system is distorted and unbalanced, gravity produces abnormal stresses on the joints, ligaments and muscles.  Over time abnormal stress produces chronic pain syndromes and degeneration. As the muscles and ligaments weaken they cause further spinal distortion. The process becomes a vicious cycle. Disc degeneration and disc failure is a common example of this process.  The spinal analysis allows us to identify old injuries and their associated mechanical problems. Mechanical dysfunction is always a contributing factor to pain.

* The Spinal Analysis is only available at the Institute.

How did my spine get injured?  I don’t recall any accidents.

The spinal system can be injured from everyday slips and falls, previous or current sports activities, auto accidents and personal injuries. The list goes on and on.  They all have the same result, spinal distortion. At the Institute our spinal analysis can identify old injuries that are contributing to your pain. The analysis gives us a spinal map of the road to your recovery.

Does it work?

The majority of patients at the Institute report 90% improvement.  They also report their pain reducing from severe to mild.  The treatment is successful because it is designed to rehabilitate your spine to its normal alignment, function and balance. The treatment naturally relieves mechanical stress from the spine and nervous systems. Exercises are added during the treatment process to support your recovery once they can be performed safely. Of course there may be extenuating circumstances that prevent full recovery, but our results speak for themselves.

How long does it take?

The treatment is a commitment of time by you and the doctor. We work together as team.  The treatment schedule and frequency of treatment is part of the success of the treatment.  When you begin treatment, please keep your scheduled appointments. The initial phase of care is 20 treatments. If you have an acute problem, we would like to treat you five times a week for two weeks. After that, treatment is 3 times a week for three weeks. Following 20 treatments, the spinal analysis is repeated and a comparative analysis is performed.  The re-exam shows us the progress made, identifies any residual problems and allows us to make a new treatment plan if necessary. 

Is the treatment safe?

The treatment harmonizes with the natural healing processes of your body.  The spinal analysis and treatment protocols have been used for over thirty years with no adverse effects reported.  If at any time the treatment causes you pain or discomfort, please inform your doctor immediately. Remember this is a team effort.

Thank you for choosing the Spine Rehabilitation Institute of Missouri for your health care needs.   We will treat you with respect and courtesy at all times and do our best to provide appropriate and effective treatment.

Please call 636-329-8774 to make an appointment.

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